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Craft Supplies

Are you surprised when your cleaning your craft space and you find things you forgot you had? Well, over this past weekend I was cleaning up & purging my craft space and came across items I totally forgot about. I had to pause for a minute and think about the money I kind of wasted because I found duplicates and I never used these items. I found stamps, die cuts & cardstock that I had to have at one point. Apparently, I didn’t have to have them because I forgot about them. I skipped cleaning and starting using those stamps & die cuts. I created a brunch of new cards. I even used my Spectrum Noir markers that I had to have to because I brought those on sale and just knew I scored a deal. So lesson learned: have a better organization system, used what I have, double check before buying more supplies. Overall, I had a great time stamping, cutting & coloring.

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